FUND DIVINE is a 501c online funding platform that provides complete fund raising solutions for individuals, non-profit organizations and Spiritual organizations worldwide. FUND DIVINE is a mission to revolutionize fundraising in the noblest way.

Kind words and expression of sympathy can mean a lot to somebody going through real hardships but the tangible support to solve those problems can be done away with raising money. Fund Divine could be your path to spiritual experience and show your act of compassion for divine causes.

FUND DIVINE will help donors find their vetted reason to make donations. It provides the needy the exact platform to take their story to the world. We can help you raise funds for your personal needs, charities as well as support any spiritual cause with great ease.

FUND DIVINE helps to raise funds for individual needs. Individuals, who are falling short of funds to meet their dreams, achieve their goal or handle a financial emergency, can use our platform to create a fundraiser campaign. You can get support for your education, medical needs and many other personal emergencies. Nobody would be more pleased than us to see you overcome our personal exigencies.

FUND DIVINE supports Non- Profit Organizations to connect with our social fundraising expertise and raise funds for your social missions and bring in the colossal impact in the society. Corporates too can use our platform to support any social mission through their Corporate Social Responsibility Program. You can power the good you do with the use of Fund Divine. You can extend your support to Orphanage, Old-Age Home, Drought-hit Farmers, Animal-Welfare, Environment Protection; Building back natural calamity hit areas and many other such social missions. While you empower your society and community with your selfless efforts, we stand by you always.

FUND DIVINE simplifies the process to raise money for religious groups. We are open for all religions to promote their divine causes. You can raise funds for your local religious community. You can extend your support to cover repair costs, handle operating expense or go for the new expansion of your place of worship. You can also raise funds for the physical, emotional, social and psychological well-being of people. You can donate for building a meditation class, yoga center, psychological counseling center for your community. Fund Divine would feel gratified to have been able to support you in your spiritual and divine cause.

FUND DIVINE is just not charity; it is the empowerment of Humanity. It is here, you bring in the change. It is here, you build a future. It is here, life transforms. It is here, mankind evolves.