Frequently Asked Questions

Fund Divine is a non-profitable Organization and an online platform for Individual fund raisers, non- profitable organizations who are specially working to help people raise money for devotional causes, non-profit organization activities and individual's purposes. Currently, we are supporting the below countries for raising the funds.

United States


Fund Divine is an easy procedure to start raising funds online. Registration process is a simple 3 step process.

Please click here to know in detail on how it works

Fund Divine encourages people to donate liberally or work with Fund Divine as fund raisers to start raising charity money for any event.

You can also download Fund Divine app for IOS or Android mobile and start a campaign.


You can promote your campaign across social media.

Fund Divine is a secured site for making payments. All donor transactions are securely transferred through PayPal. Donor's money is stored securely online and all withdrawals are done via electronic transfer to fund beneficiaries. The fund raiser can also track the status of his funds online.

All campaigns in Fund Divine come with a deadline and are displayed live from the time a campaign starts with date to the end of the campaign. However, if fund raisers wish to extend the campaign date due to non-reaching the target in raising funds, may contact the Fund Divine Administrator for assistance.

Once your campaign is live and starts receiving donations through PayPal, the fund raisers can request for a withdrawal at any time or Fund divine administrator starts transfer of money securely online through electronic transfer at the frequency defined by the Administrator. By withdrawing money, the live campaign progress does not get affected. Administrator can start transfer of fund balance directly to your PayPal account.

All campaign fund transfers to fund raiser account attract a transaction and handling charges.

  • 5% of collected amount for each campaign towards Fund Divine charges for maintenance and promoting the campaigns.
  • Payment Processing Charges: 2.9 % + 30 Cents per transaction payable to PayPal

The registered fund raiser should write to Fund divine administrator in person and share the information of the authorized personnel for withdrawal process. However, the authorization should be made by the fund raiser himself.

You have an option to choose to display your name as a anonymous donor on the website. However, we need your name and email id for our records.

You can also download Fund Divine app IOS or Android mobile and start donating.