How It Works (for Donor)

Fund Divine is an online platform for promoting, supporting spiritual causes and fundraising events. Visitors can also donate to campaigns without registration. However, the system captures basic information like name and email id, phone number and country.

Step 1 – Registration

Registration is simple. Provide mandatory information for registration.

Step 2 – Registration Confirmation

Once the mandatory information is submitted, a registration confirmation code is sent to the registered email. User has to enter the confirmation code to complete the registration process. Once the registration is verified and confirmed, the system navigates to a profile page where the user has to set his profile as a donor and provide mandatory information.

Step 3 – Make Donations

Upon successful registration and signing, users can start donating to campaigns available on the dashboard. Donations can be either one time or recurring at a selected frequency.

How It Works (for Fundraiser)

Fund Divine is an online platform for promoting, supporting spiritual causes and fundraising events. Registered donors can create campaigns for raising funds. For registering as a fundraiser, the donor should convert to a fundraiser in the user profile page and provide all the mandatory information.

Step 1 – Create a campaign

Fundraisers who wish to start creating campaigns by click on the "Create Campaign" button. If the user is already registered, they can log in with user id and password. Else, fundraisers can click on the register button in sign in form and provide mandatory details in the registration form to complete the registration and campaign creation.

Also, registered donors wishing to become fundraisers can create campaigns by converting as a fundraiser in the user profile tab. After converting as a fundraiser, users can create campaigns by submitting all the mandatory information to the administrator for approvals.

Step 2 – Campaign Submission

Campaigns will be reviewed and approved by the administrator. After the approval, the campaign will be displayed on the dashboard and will start receiving donations from visitors.

Step 3 – Funds Transfer to Campaigner

Donations received against campaigns will be transferred to the campaigner account after deducting the following fee.

  • 5% of the collected amount for each campaign towards Fund Divine charges for maintenance and promoting the campaigns.
  • Payment Processing Charges: 2.9 % + 30 Cents per transaction payable to PayPal.